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Natural Spray on Tan

Naked Tan - The  Natural Spray on Tan

Naked Tan - Natural Sunless Tanning - Organic Spray Tan


Tired of messy bed sheets each time you tan?

Have a party to attend tonight? Are you looking forward to showing off your tan with that backless dress you plan to wear? But there’s a problem: You have no tan and  there’s no time for you to go to a beauty salon and wait 8 hours before you can jump in the shower!  There’s no need to panic, Naked Tan is a quick drying tan, so you can shower only 2 hours  after application.
Naked tan is one of the top spray tans made with a combination of natural ingredients. No parabens, no alcohol, odour free, and perfectly safe for clients with sensitive skin. It rapidly develops a natural, long lasting, gorgeous tan in 2 hours straight; No more spray-tan sheets and waiting overnight for your tan to appear! Naked tan in the Northern Beaches provides a beautiful golden colour regardless of what your skin type is. Naked Tan utilises a high powered spray gun applying the spray tan in a mist form all over your body. It comes in two shades – a more natural sun kissed looked or a darker tan. The choice is yours. Naked tan is absolutely safe as it is UVB/UVA free and does not damage or age the skin.

At Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective we prepare your skin to help ensure spray tans absorb more effectively at NO extra charge.

Before the tan application we wipe the body over with a sluffwipe which quickly cleanses, exfoliates and PH balances the skin before any spray tan product is applied to ensure the DHA penetrates and absorbs more effectively. The wipe removes residual soap scum, body oils, old tan residues and perspiration from the skin right before tanning.

The benefits of sluffWIPES’ express triple action formula, spray tans typically develop darker in colour and you’ll experience longer lasting tanning results.

• Sluffs away dead skin – no more “patchy” or “blotchy” tans
• Cleans and refreshes skin – the perfect primer for sunless tanning
• pH Balances – skin is perfectly balanced for more natural looking tans
• Complements and enhances all sunless tanning products


Naked Tan

The best tan and finest advantages of indulging yourself with a Naked Tan rather than any other is that no longer are your required to go home and wait out a retched 8 hours developing time before you can shower.........

Your skin will be infused with pure botanical ingredients that nourish & moisturise the skin within - while a bronzed natural tan is rapidly achieved. You can shower after just 2 hours and say "yes" to that dinner invitation or party tonight because you will be ready.  The longest part of getting ready from now on will be choosing what to wear and not waiting to shower off the bronzer!

The indulgent tanner will also notice that your tan will continue to deepen and darken long after you have showered the product off, in fact even up to 12 hours later.......truly luxurious!

So no heavy exercising or washing up dishes over the next 2 hours while your tan develops. Now I have your attention don"t I !!!!! Your excited!! well pick up the phone and call Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective.........

Naked Tan contains NO PARABENS, NO ALCOHOL, NO ODOURS CONTAINS ERYTHRULOSE for a longer lasting tan.



Naked Spray Tan    $35  
Special Discount buy 10 tans for $250

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