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Whether it be Body Building, Physical Culture or Ballroom Dancing, any form of competition spray tan, hair & make-up has to be applied to perfection. An individual has spent anything from 12 weeks to 3 years perfecting their appearance for such a competition.

Competition Spray Tan, Hair & Make-up enables you to present yourself in the best possible scenario, with professional products used to enhance your appearance under strong lighting and to combat perspiration, whilst still giving you longevity to last the entire day/night of performances and judging. In any form of physical competition, appearance is what they are judging you on as well as technique.

The application of your spray tan is applied over three - two days prior to the competition to ensure the spray tan is at its darkest and the coverage is even.  At Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective on Sydney’s Northern Beaches at Newport we create a spray tan formula to ensure we achieve the darkest brown (never orange) outlining the appearance of your textured, toned and sculptured muscular body, which you have worked months for.  Colour and application is extremely important on the day of your competition, especially when being judged under those bright lights.  We also provide you with before and after instructions how to care for the tan to ensure your skin does not dry out and then how to remove the tan gently after the competition is over.

To take the stress out of an already stressful day, employ a professional spray tan, hair & make-up artist, with experience in the competition industry over 15 years to assist you on the day.  If you have any further questions please call Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective and ask for Sonja.  Let us do the work for you!

A trial is available along with package deals with your tans. 


Spray Tan (men & women) $55
(this includes your contest spray tan) 

Spray Tan (men & women) $50
(this does not include contest spray tan, you may purchase bottle separately and bring it along to your spray tan appointment)

Competition Body Building, Ballroom Dancing,
Performance make-up

$100 per person

*Please note that travel fees apply for mobile services if you wish for us to travel with you on the day of the competition for any touch-ups

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Jodie Parker - Competition Spray Tan, Hair and Make-up

 Competition Make-up for Body Building, Ballroom Dancing and Performance  Competition Hair and Make-up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney Competition Hair and Makeup in Sydneys Northern Beaches

Shane Arthurson - Competition Spray Tan

comp tan

This was my first show and I came 2nd place in the novice men in IFBB Australasian Championship and was trained by Mark Patience of the Animal Kingdom. 

Building muscle in a gym I was ok with as I have been training for 8 years but tanning, that is another story. I researched and talked to people as I found that this is a very individual process and there is no one clear strategy.

I decided to use over three days (50/50) contest colour / and a customised tan by Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective.  I was extremely happy with my tan and had many people comment how good the colour looked, which is what I was hoping to achieve.

I chose the three day approach as I figured if something went wrong I had time to start again until I got the colour right.

The skin preparation is extremely important.  Absolutely NO sun leading up to the spray tan to avoid skin burning and uneven sun tan marks, more importantly want to avoid the skin from peeling you want to keep the skin moisturised and dehydrated. 

My competition was on Saturday, on and the Wednesday night prior to the competition I exfoliated my body and shaved and moisturised elbows, feet and hands and knees.  It’s a good idea to moisturise between your spray tans and rinse off the excess moisturiser prior to your next spray tan to ensure your skin stays dehydrated as the spray tan can dry out the skin.  Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective will advise which products are best to use on the skin.

Thursday morning - Spray tan 1: 1 coat on face, 2 coats body and 3 coats legs. Leave the spray tan on for 10 hrs and rinse off in shower with water only (no soap) and light towel pat dry, no rubbing. 

Thursday night -  Spray tan 2: same spray tan process and leave on all night. Rinse in morning.

Friday morning -  Spray tan 3: no spray tan on  face, hands or feet. 2 coats body, 3 coats legs. Rinse that night for a Saturday morning show.

On the day of the contest use dream tan as a top coat about 30 minutes before stage time. Rubbed on to cover but not thick like a mud and slap the skin after. Then it’s time to compete.

You feel gross and way too dark. You can’t do much but lie around in your underwear for 2 days, but the pictures came out great. All the judges commented that it was a great colour.

Lessons Learnt. Skin preparation is very important. Be very careful with the shave and when you exfoliate, be gentle on the skin as any razor cuts, scratches or imperfections on the skin the spray tan will grab to and show up darker.  Look after the skin prior to the spray tan.

Thank you so much Sonja and the team at Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective.

Shane Arthurson - Right hand side
comp tan