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Mona Vale
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Seka’s Hairdressers

The hairstyles of today are natural and undisciplined, while being shiny, groomed and with body. Never before have men and women had so many opportunities to ensure their hair has plenty of movement and is lively and free. Anything goes, but we still want our flying tresses to be easy to manage. A good hairdresser is up to date with the very latest hair care knowledge and they have all the products and the skills to make a world of difference to the quality of our hair.

A professionally trained hairdresser knows which products can help to strengthen the structure of hair which has been harmed by tinting, perming, pool chemicals and over-styling; all that dehydration which comes from blow dryers, heated rollers and even air conditioners.  They have products which will restore suppleness to hair and control extra dry hair.

Present Your Best Image

Extensive research has gone into the manufacture of hair products used in Australian hairdressers. The products in use are chosen because they help people’s whose hair is exposed to certain weather conditions. They have shampoos and conditioners which will suit all hair types.

If you opt to have short hair, you want the best cut and also a colour that is right for you. No matter what colour you choose for your hair, if it is in poor condition, the effect will be lost on it. All hair, whether sleek and straight, or wild and curly needs gentle care with a mild shampoo which won’t strip away the hair’s natural moisture and oils.

Of course the hair fashion you follow is your choice, but if you want to improve your image, the state of your hair rates high, and the hairdressers at Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective put their expert knowledge to work to give you free-flowing smooth and straight hair or soft, loose and bouncy curls.

Complete Care from Start to Finish

Good looking hair has become so basic to beauty and style that for the best results, it pays to visit a hairdresser who has exceptional skills and who knows how to make the best of your hair, even when your genes haven’t given you the kind of hair that you covet.

Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective can change your image, and as a certified hairdresser, you can trust them to give you a silky new texture and more confidence by improving the look and condition of your hair. They specialize in all your beauty needs; they are your one-stop salon and can put together special hair and beauty packages within your budget:

•    they only employ the most experienced and creative hair stylists
•    they only use the best hair styling products and equipment
•    they are open every Sunday and remain open till late every night
•    you get quality,  affordability and customized services.
•    a hairdresser who will consider your face shape and suggest styles to suit you
•    they offer pre-taped hair extensions which can provide you with a whole new look for a special event

Trust Your Hair to Professionals

With so many fantastic styles and products for hair, there is no excuse for not having the look you want. If you don’t like the look of your hair; change it! Your hair shouldn’t be a fixed standard but a potential which is limited only by personal choice.

We all experience problems with our hair for which we need help, and Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective is a beauty salon and hairdresser in the northern coastal suburbs of Sydney with a talented team who know all the secrets to healthy sheen and fullness for your crowning glory.