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Teeth Whitening - $99
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Teeth Whitening System has revolutionized the science of teeth whitening.  At 1O1 Darley Beauty Collective in Mona Vale, at our salon in Sydney we can now offer the best in salon Teeth Whitening System.
The true essence of a smile is just light speeds away. Our business is state-of-the-art technology that is safe, innovative, and affordable.

Don’t’ sell yourself short. Having a bright white smile is a right, not a luxury!

These days the best way to impress people and make a great impression is to have a stunning smile. 
People always remember a great smile.  Affordable teeth whitening for your wedding or special ocassion.


Can all teeth be whitened?
Peroxide gels are great for removing most common stains (red wine, coffee and 
tea, tobacco, aging, etc). However other types of stains such as those caused by antibiotics 
or discolouration one is born with are difficult to whiten.It is not possible to turn teeth whiter than 
their original natural white. In some cases even normal teeth will achieve only minor whitening improvement 
no matter what product you use because they just don’t react.
Artificial dental work such as crowns, bonding, caps, veneers, bridges or composite fillings will also 
NOT respond to bleaching.
Customers with artificial teeth wishing to whiten their natural teeth can use our products. 
In general results will vary from customer to customer depending on their enamel.


1O1 Darley Beauty Collective 0% peroxide not only whitens your teeth, it also contains natural ingredients like Pomegranate and 
Chamomile that can boost your gums and enamel, thus creating better overall oral health. With so many teeth 
whitening products out there on the market currently, finding the right one for you and your clients 
can be a daunting task. The 1O1 Darley Beauty Collective 0% peroxide will give you the following benefits:
•  Removal of sturdy and stubborn stain, also known as intrinsic stains (i.e coffee, smoking, red wine)
•  Preparing the teeth for a double treatment in conjunction with the 6% Hydrogen Peroxide allowing the 
peroxide to remove yellowing of the teeth to achieve better results.
•  Results in only 20 minutes
•  Fully compliant product with Europe, United Kingdom and Australian standards.

The 1O1 Darley Beauty Collective 6% Hydrogen Peroxide
When you get your teeth whitenening, Hydrogen Peroxide is the most commonly used active ingredient, 
whilst the 1O1 Darley Beauty Collective 0% peroxide removes visible intrinsic stains, our 6% Hydrogen Peroxide formula 
reacts with the molecules that cause staining and discolouration. The use of 6% Hydrogen Peroxide can safely and 
gently improve the whiteness of your teeth. Teeth sensitivity following use of 6% Hydrogen Peroxide is very low.


Why use 1O1 Darley Beauty Collective Teeth Whitening System?
1O1 Darley Beauty Collective Teeth Whitening Systems uses a double-treatment of 6% Hydrogen Peroxide gel and 
Zero Peroxide gel therefore making it the most effective teeth whitening product for instant and ongoing results.


How often should you use the 1O1 Darley Beauty Collective Teeth Whitening System to whiten your teeth?
With the 1O1 Darley Beauty Collective Teeth Whitening System we recommend that you offer your customers a double-treatment the first time
they get their teeth whitened. After that, we recommend that they get their teeth whitened every 3-6 months.
Depending on a person’s consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, cola’s and other darkening agents such as tobacco, 
most people could probably usually benefit from a course every 3 months.


Maintenance between Treatments
Continuing the whitening process at home between salon treatments ensures a lasting whitening effect.
Take Home Whitening Pens are a necessary part of the treatment regime so that the customers can get their teeth 
a few shades whiter or work on specific teeth that need more whitening than others (usually the lower teeth).
This twist and click pen is very easy to use, along with the whitening pens there is a LED that can be purchased.