Acrylic & Gel Nail Courses on the Northern Beaches,Affordable Nail Course

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Learn about the Nail Anatomy and the history of nails.  Did you know? The nail like hair is composed of keratin and "dead" except the root.  The rate of growth depends upon the length of the distal phalange hence - the index finger is the fastest growing and the little toe the slowest.  Rate of growth is between 1-3mm per month, fastest in the summer and in good nutrition. There is so much to our Nail Plate so be sure to choose a product that is safe and healthy.
The Acrylic and Gel nail course at Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective in Newport on the Northern Beaches includes all products needed during training at the salon and products for practical use @ home and work, we practice with only the best products.  This course is ONLY for serious Acrylic/Gel (Nail Technician) students that want results immediately.  This course will teach you everything from shaping, buffing, nail polish application, acrylic application, gel application, colour application and trouble shooting PLUS 7 different techniques how to apply artificial nails, not just any artificial acrylic nails, but perfect acrylic/gel nail application.

On this 5 Day Intense Beauty Course, we cover tip application, blending, sculpting, free hand french, colour acrylic application, nail art, powder acrylic, gel application.  All courses are one-on-one and take place every Monday 9am - 5pm.  Students must bring their own models and attendance must 100% otherwise an addition cost will occur for a make-up session due to failure of attendance.  Models can be organised on request by Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective.

The complete course outline is available for the Acrylic Nail course.  Please call Sonja @ Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective for more information.  RING today and have your business up and running in weeks.  This is the perfect business opportunity for mums wanting to work from home or rent a space in a salon and run your own business and have flexible hours.  Create your dream job and make it happen TODAY!!!

Seka's Beauty Case @101 Darley Beauty Collective also offers on-going assistance after completion of the course to ensure every student is 100% confident.
Acrylic and Gel Nail course @ Seka's Beauty Case: $5000 

Manicure and pedicure outline:
Element 1:

Basic Nail Anatomy (general understanding of the nail structure for a nail technician)
Prepare client for manicure or pedicure service
Element 2:
Perform a basic manicure or pedicure service
Element 3:
Review treatment and provide post-treatment advice

Ultra violet gel outline :
section 1:
Prepare clients nails

Apply gel nails
section 2:
Remove artificial gel nails
section 3:
Apply or refill artificial gel nails.
Shellac and OPI Gel Colour

section 4:
Review treatment and provide post-treatment advice.

Acrylic nail enhancement outline :
Section 1:
Prepare clients
section  2:
Remove artificial acrylic  nails
section 3:
Apply or refill artificial acrylic nails.
section  4:
Review treatment and provide post-treatment advice.


Course cost is: $3000 (includes all product during the course)

This course covers women and men’s waxing, tinting and eyelash lifts

1. Theory for waxing, tinting and eyelash lifts
2. Occupational health and safety
3. Contra indications in regards to waxing
4. Equipment and equipment maintenance
5. Wax products
6. All parts of the body wax application
7. After care for clients

The course includes :
1. In-depth step by step manual – with pictures
2. All products for use during course which include but are not limited to
3. Wax products
4. Disposable underwear