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Medical Ear, Navel and Nose Piercing System - Experts in Childrens Piercings

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Ear piercing is a medical procedure, so there is every reason to make sure that it is done properly. Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing on the Northern Beaches has been developed from a medical standpoint, using modern technology and safe materials. Piercing has taken a big step forward - Blomdahl Medical Piercing has made piercing safer for our Children and Adults.

More and more babies and children on the Northern Beaches are wanting to have their ears pierced and it is happening at an earlier age, as young as a baby in some tradition. Not just girls, but also boys have their ears pierced. Blomdahl Medical has therefore developed ear piercing products which are particularly suitable to use when ear piercing young children - Medical Plastic.

Medical Plastic Daisy - kids new favourites!

Medical Plastic - 0% nickel
Medical Plastic is the only material for ear piercing with 0% nickel. With pure, medical plastic you can be assured that you will not be exposed to any nickel. Recommended for children and adults who want to be absolutely certain that they will not devlop nickel allergy during the healing period.

Almost each and every woman has ear lobe piercings, even those who don’t like the idea of “piercing”.
Ear lobe piercings are probably the least painful and, besides their normative nature, they can also be extremely provocative and seductive. It’s all a matter of style!‚Äč Ear piercings, in fact, convey an enormous variety of messages: religious, symbolic, political, and cultural, among other kinds. 

Studies made by anthropologist and historians allow us to claim that the practices related to the embellishment of the body are very ancient. Ear piercings reside firmly within this realm, together with tattoos, hair styling and nail art. As a matter of fact, the oldest mummy ever found has holes in the ears, very similar to those used nowadays for earrings. As demonstrated by scholars around the world, this art form has spread all over the planet and it is now a central part of the most different cultures.

Unsurprisingly enough, ear piercings have conquered the entire surface of our ears. In fact, they appear in different spots, mirroring fashions and trends spreading across the world.

A piercing placed in the upper ear. This is quite a big section, which therefore can be decorated using a huge variety of earrings. It all depends on personal taste and style. Some people, for instance, choose to have one piercing while others opt for compositions made of multiple earrings. Helix piercings are extremely fashionable, they are often considered “elegant”, and they are loved by both boys and girls.  Childrens ear piercing.


All clients can be certain that sterile disposable cassette is used solely on him/her and no-one else. Clients can be certain that this sterile disposable cassette is used solely on him/her and no-one else

The price includes piercing, studs & aftercare. If clients are under 18 years of age you will require parental permission.

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