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Minx, Blixz and Metallic nails

What are Minx, Blixz & Metallic Nails?

Nail polish with a shield of armor, literally.

Cut, heat, apply…doesn’t it sound interesting? What if your nail beauty regime was so easy and interesting? No nail paints, no waiting for your nail paint to dry and no acetone or nail polish remover required to remove the nail paint later.

We proudly present to you the latest trend in nail beauty which looks great and fashionable on all age groups, the minx manicure. Available in wide range of metallic colours, designs and graphics, we give you ultimate metallic nail solutions: metallic nail polish, metallic nail foil and minx manicures.

Metallic nail foil looks great when worn on short or medium length nails. Applied with heat and pressure, it is a solid nail covering which acts as a shield on your nails. The metallic nail foils come in various colours and designs. The metallic nail foils are durable and do not chip off easily. The nail foil comes with an adhesive which, when applied on heated nails, caters to the shape of nails and lasts for 2-3 weeks on hands and lasts far longer on your toe nails. It is even easy to remove! Just heat it with your hair dryer and the foil peels off.

Do you want to look glamorous and want to extend fashion to your finger tips? We are here with metallic foil, minx manicure, and metal nail polishes. Now you have a new body part to flaunt your jewellery in the most stylish way. They are your nails. The metal nail paints are the ultimate beauty solution for your nails and we are readily available to help you on the Northern Beaches.

With simple nail designs, the possibilities are endless. Many celebrities and models wear film nails for an impeccable finish. It is very common for people to go the simple route and get gold or silver foil nails. If that sounds boring, think again. Imagine a piece of shiny, gold foil paper being adhered to your nail. The result is so shiny and smooth that it looks like you have 14k gold on your fingers! Film (foil) nails often use metallic backdrops to draw attention and they come in many simple designs from plaid, stripes, hearts and fire images.

What’s the process?

Foil is a solid film with an adhesive that is activated by heat. The heat softens the film allowing it to cater to the shape of the nail. No top coat is needed as the film itself is very shiny. The film is easily removable with heat.

If you are gung-ho about doing simple nail designs yourself, there are several options. It is recommended that most women simply go to a salon that offers this service. This is because the technician has been trained in applying film nails. Film nails tend to be pricey compared to other nail services, but remember that they are durable and will not chip and they will impress.

A very thin coat of clear gel or High Gloss Top Coat can be applied over the film to protective it from day-to-day actives and to also extend the life of the film.

There is no other alternative when it comes to design and the smooth mirror image effect! Beauty is priceless but worth it.

What if the film starts to lift on the corners?

This should not happen, but if it does re-apply heat to the area and press down firming, which can be done from the comfort of your home. Top coat can be applied over the film.

What is the Removal Process?

Apply heat from your hair dryer and the film will peel away.